Resetting a New Hire's Password

If an new hire is having trouble logging into their applicant portal account, you have the ability to help by triggering a reset password email. Please note, this only applies to employees in the "Onboarding" status. If the employee needs to change their password at any other stage, they can do so by following this article.

If you do not see the "Reset New Hire Password" option as described below, please contact your admin user for help. If you are the admin user, check out this article to learn how to enable the password reset configuration. 

How to Trigger the Reset Password Email 
To send a new hire the reset password email:
  • Click "Jump To". 
  • Click "Hire".
  • Select "Onboarding".
  • Locate the new hire whose password you are looking to reset. 
  • Expand their details. 
  • Select "Reset New Hire's Password". 

  • Confirm the action by clicking "Ok". 

Applicants will receive an email similar to the one displayed below:


If you are an admin and would like to enable this feature, check out this article! 

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