Registering for the Employee Portal

Once you have completed onboarding for your new job, you will be able to register for your organization's employee portal. Depending on how HR has configured the portal, you will be asked to register one of two ways: 
  • The email address associated to your applicant account 
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) 

Check out this short tutorial or follow the steps below...

Navigating to the Registration Page

If you're being asked to register for the employee portal, you should have received a link (URL) from your manager or your administrator. This link will take you to the correct page to begin registering. (The page will typically begin with "" followed by a customized extension.) If you have not received a link for your organization, please contact your hiring manager.
  • Click the link for your organization's employee portal.
  • Select " New User? Click here to register". 
    • ​NOTE: You may skip this step if you're taken directly to the registration page.

Registering with an Email Address

  • Select "New User? Click here to register".
  • Enter the email address associated to your applicant account. (This is where you applied and completed onboarding.)
  • You will receive an email to that email address with instructions on how to create your employee portal account. 
  • Go to your email inbox, open the email, and follow the instructions provided.
    • ​NOTE: If you do not receive an email, contact your hiring manager.

Registering with a SSN 

  • Enter your first and last name. 
  • Enter your social security number.

  • Click "Register".
  • Complete the remaining fields. 
  • Select "Create Account".

Pro Tip: Remember your login credentials and bookmark the login page so you can easily revisit in the future. 

Now that you have registered, learn how to navigate the employee portal!


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