Navigating the Employee Portal

Welcome to the employee portal! If you’ve registered your account and logged in, you’ve probably noticed a variety of resources and actions you can take. Depending on how your HR administrator has set up your portal, you may or may not see all of the features in this article.

Watch this short tutorial or browse the article below to see the different parts of your employee portal...


My Profile 

About Me 
When you first sign in, you will be directed straight to the "My Profile- About Me" section of your account. Here you can edit your contact information by pressing the "Edit" icon. 

My Forms 
Here, you may have access to some important employment information. This could include forms like the: 
  • Pay Selection Authorization Agreement
  • Federal W-4 
  • Emergency Contacts 

This section is a timeline of actions you have taken within your employee portal account. 


My Courses
Here you can view all courses you have added to your list.

Course History 
In this section, you can view which training courses you have already taken. 

View All Courses
Training courses that are available for you to take will be listed here. You can add them to your course list and start taking the training all from this screen.


My Evaluations
This section will list all evaluations that concern you. You can see what stage they are in here, and complete pending steps. Common items filled out in this section are yearly reviews and self-reviews.

My Warnings
Here, you can view warnings you have received. You can see what stage they are in, and be able acknowledge these warnings.

My Goals 
Similar to the evaluations and warnings sections, you can view goals in this section. Additionally, edit and acknowledge goals here. 


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