Using Standard Reports

talentReef understands the importance of measuring the different parts of your business. For that reason, you'll have access to a variety of standard reports from the start. Check out the different reports to understand how and when they might be useful to you.

From the "Jump To" menu, select "Reports" to find the following standard reports:

  • Applicants by Location and Department
  • Hire
  • Posting Manager
  • I-9
  • Source
  • Time to Hire

(Looking for information about employee exports and/or Payroll Data Exports?)

Applicants by Location and Department

This report will show data in two graphs; a bar graph showing total number of applicants at each location and a pie chart breaking down the different departments that applicants have applied to.

Posting Manager

Provides users with job posting information for any postings that they created or postings that are associated with the users’ locations.  The report gives insight into the current status of the posting, and how many days it has been open.  It also includes the total number of applicants that applied for each posting and which status those applicants are currently in.

**Please note that if you did not create the job posting itself, you may want to update the report to ‘Postings at My Locations’ to ensure you are returning all necessary data.

Source Report
Provides users with application and status information for all applicants. This information includes application dates, scores and source code. Users can view the current status of all applicants using this report.

One of the most common uses for this report is to run a source report and collect data on where applicants are finding out about the position. To do this, add the field ‘Hiring Code Description’ under the ‘Columns’ section to your data. (Need help? Check out how to customize a report)

Another common use is to group the data by location and/or position and then calculate averages on Posi-Fit or Assessment Scores.

Hire Report

Provides users with onboarding and status information for all hires.  Notably the Hires report can be used to track I-9, W-4, E-Verify and WOTC completion status as well as dates for when the hire’s stage was changed to Onboarding and to Completed.

I-9 Report

This is used to provide specific reporting around I-9 documentation, including expiring documentation and e-verify results.

Time to Hire

This report provides comprehensive tracking of applicants that have been hired. It provides dates for when the applicant applied and each time their status was updated in talentReef (Viewed, Interviewed, Hired, etc).

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