Submitting Training Courses

When you are ready to set up a Training Course, there are two ways to submit your content to talentReef:
  • Send content files to talentReef for course creation. 
  • Send a zip file of content created in a learning management system.
The option you choose will depend on how your content is currently packaged. Check out each option below to determine the best fit for you.


Send Content Files to talentReef for Course Creation 

If you would like talentReef to package your course for you, the content will need to be in one of the following formats: 
  • Quizzes: talentReef Excel file template (attached below)
  • Presentations: Powerpoint file
  • Videos: Link to video (Youtube/Vimeo) or a MP4 file

Send the Zip File of an Already Packaged Course

If you are packaging a course in Captivate or Articulate (2 of the more common training software programs), you will need to Publish the course with the “LMS option” in the “HTML5 with Flash Fallback” format as a Zip file.

Basics Steps:
  • Publish the course you have created. 
  • Select the publishing parameters. 
  • Publish the project.
  • Package the published course as a zip file.

Note: If you are using a different Learning Management System, consult the attached PDF for a full reference guide.

 Onboarding Training vs. ESS Training

Training courses in the talentReef system can be managed through either the Onboarding Module (similarly to forms) or through the Employee Self Service portal. It is important to specify where the training course is being accessed by new hires whenever training course updates are requested.

Need to update your quiz? Check out this FAQ.



Training_Course_Module_SOP_-EXTERNAL.pdf Training_Course_Module_SOP_-EXTERNAL.pdf
talentReef_Quiz_Template_2019.xls talentReef_Quiz_Template_2019.xls

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