Updating Quizzes

talentReef recommends maintaining an updated Excel file for each of your quizzes. This will save you time and ensure accuracy as you request updates.

Process for Requesting Updates

To update existing training courses like quizzes, use the talentReef Excel file template (attached below) that shows: 
  • Questions
  • Answers Offered 
  • Correct Answer(s)
  1. Download the template (attached below)
  2. Update with your changes
  3. Send to customerservice@talentreef.com

Special Instructions
  • Please include the question number and full question text for any quiz questions you'd like to remove or update. 
  • You can submit quiz questions in a variety of formats: 
    • multiple choice (single select) format
    • multiple response (multiple select) format
    • true/false questions
  • We recommend avoiding open ended questions. If the user submits anything other than the exact wording for the answer, it will be marked as incorrect. This makes open ended questions difficult to anticipate and accurately score. 
Example of Update Request

Here is an example of a complete training update request: 

Here is an example of a incomplete training update request: 

NOTE: Quizzes are not included with every talentReef account; this is an additional product. If you’re interested in purchasing this product, please reach out to our Customer Service team for details. 



talentReef_Quiz_Template_2019.xls talentReef_Quiz_Template_2019.xls

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