Analyzing Source Traffic

By running the source report, you can quickly gather information about your applicants including how they heard about available job openings. This is a great way to see what forms of advertising are working best and which are producing little results. 

Navigating to the Source Report 

  • Using the Jump-To menu, navigate to the "Reports" section. 

  • Locate the "Source" report and click "Run Report".

Configuring the Source Report to Show Applicant Traffic 

  • This report shows you applicants that applied between the set dates. Select the range of dates you would like to analyze by clicking on the calendar symbol and adjusting the dates. 

  • Select the "Columns" button to adjust what information you will be gathering. 
  • Select the "Hiring Code Description" column to see how your applicants are finding out about your available job openings. 
  • Select or deselect other columns you would like to view. 
  • Click "Ok".

  • Click the "Columns" button again to collapse that section.
  • ‚ÄčThe hiring code description for all applicants that applied within your set dates will now display. 
  • Common hiring codes include: 
    • GlassDoor 
    • Indeed 
    • Google Search 
    • Craigslist
    • Employee Referral 

Learn more about the reporting tool here


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