Navigating the Applicant Portal

The applicant portal is a great place to find new job opportunities near you, review previously submitted applications as well as complete new hire tasks once you’re hired.


Logging in to the Applicant Portal

To access an applicant portal, you have 2 options:
  • "Start here" - use this to create a new profile
  • "Sign in" - use this to access an existing profile
    • ​Your log in credentials will be your phone number and password
    • If you have trouble logging in, read our article about how to reset your password.
Once logged in, you will find multiple tabs in the upper left. Use these tabs to navigate the different areas of your applicant portal account.

Language Toggle 

In the upper right of the applicant portal, you can change the language you view the portal in by clicking the language toggle. 

Help Button 

The help button will navigate you to our Applicant Support Center. Here you can read frequently asked questions and watch tutorial videos. 

Navigating the Tabs

Find Jobs
Browse all available job opportunities that match your profile. This is an
excellent resource if you’re in the market to make your next career move. Click the blue arrow to start applying.

My Applications
View your completed applications as well as any positions you have been hired
for. If you have recently been hired, you may need to complete your new hire tasks

My Profile
Review or update all the selections you made while creating your profile. You can change details like your address, email, work schedule preferences, work history, and references.

NOTE: You will only be able to use the three tabs listed above after logging in. Check out our Applicant Portal User Guide for more help. 

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