Completing Your Self-Review

Employee self-review is a helpful tool in your career development. Let’s understand the self-review process from start to finish and learn how to complete your part of the self-review evaluation.


3 Steps to Completing Your Self-Review:
  1. Fill out and submit your self-review.
  2. Wait for your manager's response.
  3. Acknowledge and accept by digitally signing.
To start, visit the employee portal and sign in using your username and password. In the drop down menu in the upper left, visit the "Performance" section. Here you may see evaluations in different stages.

Evaluation Stages and Their Meanings:
  • "In-Progress (Employee Self-Review)" - Evaluations awaiting your completion.
  • "In-Progress (Manager Review)" - Evaluations awaiting your manager's response.
  • "Pending Acknowledgement" - Evaluations awaiting your digital signature.
  • "Acknowledged" - Previously completed evaluations.


Step 1: Fill out and submit your self-review

Any new evaluations assigned to you by your manager will show under the “In-Progress (Employee Self-Review)” section. For each evaluation, there is a series of questions about your job performance. Respond and add comments based on how you believe you've performed for each job-related category.
  • Click the name of the evaluation to begin.
  • Use the drop down to select your response to each question.
  • Add optional comments.
    • NOTE: Comments will be seen by your manager. This is a great way to support or explain your responses. For example, maybe you scored yourself poorly on one question and you’d like to explain.

  • Click "Submit".
Step 2: Wait for your manager's response
After submitting, your evaluation will move to the “In-Progress (Manager Review)” section. Your manager will look over your self-review and continue with next steps. You do not need to take any further action at this point.

Step 3: Acknowledge and accept by digitally signing
Once your manager responds, your evaluation will appear under the “Pending
Acknowledgement” section.
  • Click the name of the evaluation.
  • Review your manager's responses and comments.
  • Type your password.
  • Click "Sign and Submit".

Once all steps are complete, the finalized evaluation will be listed under the “Acknowledged” section. You can always view previous self-reviews to aid in your career development.


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