Tracking Onboarding Tasks and Forms

Paperless employee onboarding allows you to manage your day without being buried under paperwork. Learn how to identify incomplete onboarding tasks and forms and who needs to take action to complete them.


To start tracking the onboarding tasks and forms for an applicant click the "Jump To" menu, select the green "Hire" button, then click "Onboarding". 

Forms Percentage Bar

The "Forms Bar" will quickly show the progress of the new hire forms that have been completed by the new hire.
  • Red Task Bar - New hire has tasks to complete.
  • Orange Task Bar - New hire has completed their tasks. Action items needed by the manager.
  • Green Task Bar - Tasks are 100% completed.

Forms Tab and Statuses 

In order to complete the hiring process, the forms will need to reach 100% and the status bar will turn green. This happens once the new hire and manager have both finished their portion of the forms. To identify which forms are incomplete, click on “Forms” from the list on the right side. This will open the “Onboarding Tasks” list. 

In the status column, you can easily view which forms are pending employee or manager action.
  • A red “X” next to a form means that the employee has not yet completed the form. The manager will need to contact the employee to request they log back in and complete the outstanding form.
  • A yellow exclamation mark indicates that there is action to be completed by the manager. The form is not complete until the manager reviews the form, completes any necessary items and enters their electronic signature.
  • A green check mark next to a form means  there is no further action needed.

Learn about how to complete manager tasks and always stay up to date, ensuring a smooth hiring process. 


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