Updating an Existing User

Configuration Prerequisites

To access the list of user accounts, create and update user accounts, users need to be assigned the role of “User Account Administration”. Once they have this capability, under the admin menu they will be able to view the User Account option.

Accessing User Account Management

To access the User Account Management pages, select “Admin” under the “Jump To” menu, then choose the User Account Management section and click “Configure”.

Updating an Existing User Account

To edit an existing user, view the list of user accounts and select the Edit action.

Editing a User: Contact Information

  • Username:
    • The username is what the person will log in to the system with (this can be formatted in multiple ways, for example using alpha/numeric characters or an email address).
    • The “Single sign-on user name”
      • For clients using Single Sign-On, this field represents the ID or Username the person authenticates with in the Identity Provider System. This field can be ignored for clients that do not use Single Sign-On.
    • Please note that usernames must be unique. If you try to save a user with an existing username, you will get a message that states, “A user with that User name already exists.”
  • Contact Information:
    • The First, Last, and Email address are the minimum required fields.

Editing a User: User Capabilities/Permissions

The user page groups capabilities into groups corresponding to system modules, for example Applicant Tracking, Background Checks, Onboarding, Employee Management, Approvals, Reports, etc. By selecting a permission the user will be able to complete the corresponding action/activity in the system. For example, the permission in the Applicant Tracking section called “Create and Update Hourly Job Postings” will allow the user to create and edit job postings.

Please reference the User Permission Definition reference guide


Editing a User: Assigning Locations and Departments

The user page allows you to assign the Locations and Departments that a user has access to. Any location/department combination selected will give the user access to view data and make transactions within those locations/departments. This works in combination with the user capabilities assigned. For example, if a user has the capability to view applicants and has access to location ABC Department 123, they will be able to view Applicants that apply to job postings for the corresponding location and department.

To select/deselect a location/department, highlight the location you would like to select and choose the right/left arrow to move the location/department to the Selected or Available section.

The list of locations/departments is displayed in the following format:

  • Location Description: Property Number --- Department Name

Editing a User: Reports To

*IMPORTANT: “Reports To” is an option used by clients that utilize an approval process within talentReef. The Reports To user is intended to be the manager or the person the user ‘reports to’. This would send approval requests to this user where an approval workflow is utilized. Note that a location/department combination must be selected to be able to choose a ‘reports to’ user.

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