Add New Position

Want to add a new position?

Please fill out all necessary information below then e-mail it to the talentReef Team at (Click the attachment at the bottom of this page to load the template!)
Once this is completed, it will be sent to our Maintenance Team will work to get this updated! 
  1. The position title:
  2. The position description: (Type below, or attach in Word Format)
  3. Selection of Posi-Fit questions:
    1. We can clone from an existing position.
    2. You can provide a selection you would like to use.
      If cloning from an existing position, what position are we cloning from?
  4. What department will this position go into?
    1. Will it go into an existing department?
    2. Will we be creating a new department?
      If we are creating a new department:
      1. What should it be titled?
      2. Who will need viewing access to it?
  5. What locations will this position need to be listed in?

If Applicable:
  1. What Background Check services will need to be associated to position?
  2. Does this position need to have resumes attached?
  3. Does this position need to be set up with Assessments?
  4. Does this position have PDE codes to update mappings on our end?
  5. Does this position need to be included/excluded from your EVerify?
  6. What training courses will need to be associated to this position?
  7. What forms will need to be associated to position?
  8. Does this position utilize PreScreen?
Attached is a template you can download and fill out as well! 


New_Position_Request_COE_v2.docx New_Position_Request_COE_v2.docx

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