Edit Employee Details

In preparation for completing the “Edit Employee Details” task, you need to collect acceptable forms of identification from your new employee. You will use this identification to confirm that the information provided in “Edit Employee Details” section is accurate.

NOTE: any field marked with a red asterisk is required.

  • Nagivate to onboarding by selecting "Jump To - Hire - Onboarding".
  • Click the applicant's name to expand the details. 
  • Click "Edit Employee Details" in the "Things you can do" menu on the right. 
Ensure that all the information previously filled in is correct, and make any changes necessary.  This information is taken from the applicants profile/application.
  • Confirm name and basic contact information. 

  • Select whether the employee is using a Social Security Number (U.S.) or Social Insurance Number (Canada) and enter the corresponding number. 
  • Enter or confirm birth date. 
  • Finalize job fields (i.e. location, position, pay rate/type).
  • Select the employee's Start Date using the calendar icon.
  • Click "Save Changes".

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