Hiring an Applicant

Congratulations on finding the right person for the job! Follow the steps to update your applicant's status to "hired" in order to initiate the onboarding process within your talentReef account.

After an applicant has accepted your offer for employment, they can begin the onboarding process to complete all the necessary HR forms. talentReef makes it easy for applicants to complete their forms digitally through the applicant portal. By updating the applicant's status to "hired" within your management console, you can initiate this process.

In the "Jump to" menu in the upper left, start in the "Source - Active" section of your talentReef account. 

Change an Applicant's Status to "Hired"

‚ÄčThe main "Source - Active" section shows a list of active applicants. Follow these steps to sort and locate the desired applicant:
  • Use the search feature to find the applicant you plan to hire. Or click the column header or up/down arrows (see below) to sort applicants based on your desired criteria.

  • Click on the applicant’s name to view their Employee Details.
  • Click the status change bar.

  • In the drop down menu, select "Hired".
    • ‚ÄčNote: If the "hired" option does not appear, choose "offer".

  • Click "Save".

Next Steps

Your applicant will move from the "Source - Active" section to the "Hire - Onboarding" section. You can view Hired Candidates by clicking the "Jump to" menu, and "Hire – Onboarding".

After the applicant’s status is changed to ‘Hired’, the new employee will receive an email notification that they have been offered a position. The notification also instructs the new employee to log into talentReef to complete onboarding tasks and forms before they can begin work.

Please note, if the applicant did not provide an email address, the manager will need to verbally communicate to the new hire that they need to log into talentReef to complete their tasks and forms.

As your new employee's start date approaches, be sure you're familiar with tracking onboarding tasks and forms, as well as completing manager onboarding tasks.



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