Reviewing Applications

When an applicant submits an application to one of your open positions, you can review their application by clicking the “Application” tile. When viewing an application, you will see a compilation of profile information as well as position fitness qualifications. You can also download, save, and share an application. ​
  • Start in the "Source - Active"  section of your management console. 
  • Expand the applicants' details by clicking anywhere on the row where they are located.

  • Click on the "Application" tile to review specific answers to your application questions.

A new window will open. You can navigate through the window using the tabs on the top left.  These tabs may vary depending on your application configuration. You will see at least one of each of these tabs:

Pre-Q Tabs 

The first two tabs are the Pre- Q tabs. This will contain Profile information like contact info, education, employment, etc. The amount of information shown on this tab(s) will depend on how much information your HR/Admin has chosen to collect during the application process.

Posi-Fit Tabs 

The remaining tabs are the Posi-Fit tabs. Applicants will answer at least one posi-fit question, sometimes more.

The Posi-Fit tabs will contain: 
  • The questions asked by your company when the applicant applied
  • The possible answers to the question (listed under the question)
  • The answers given by the applicant 

To learn more about assessing Posi-Fit questions and scores, check out this article!

Saving and Sharing Posi-Fit Responses

In the upper right corner of the pop up window, you'll see 3 icons:
  • A pencil icon to view the signed version of the application
  • A PDF icon to download the application as a PDF to save or share
  • An email icon to email the application to a colleague

Find an applicant you'd like to hire? Check out the steps to hiring an applicant so you can begin the onboarding process! 



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