Reviewing Applications

Reviewing the Application Tile 

  • Start in the "Source - Active"  section of your management console. 
  • Expand the applicants' details by clicking anywhere on the row where they are located.

  • Click on the "Application" tile to review specific answers to your application questions.

Reviewing the Assessment Tile

  • Click on the "Assessment" tile displaying the score the applicant received to review the behavioral assessment score and interview guide.

  • The top section will call out their overall "Performance Index" and check for random response to ensure they were paying attention during the assessment.
  • The "Performance Sub-Scales Analysis"  will show you the behavioral characteristics the applicant is tested on. Low results will be flagged and marked with a yellow caution sign.

  • The "Interview"  portion will have standard interviewing questions and probing questions to ask the applicant related to the behavioral characteristics that were flagged with the yellow caution sign.



Review_Applicants.pdf Review_Applicants.pdf

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