Viewing New Hire Tasks

Once you've been hired for a new position, your manager will assign a set of "New Hire Tasks" such as HR and onboarding forms. You can complete your tasks within the applicant portal. Check out how to find and view your pending new hire tasks!

Start by visiting the applicant portal. If you are unsure how to locate your applicant portal, you can reach out to your hiring manager or contact us for help

Viewing Your Task List

  • Sign in to the applicant portal by entering your phone number and password and clicking “Sign in”.

  • You will see a welcome message and a prompt to complete your tasks.
  • Click "OK".

  • Next, you'll see your list of tasks to complete.
    • In the "Status" column, you'll see which tasks are awaiting completion. An "X" means incomplete; a check mark means complete.

  • Click the name of each task to view and complete the task.
If you need help with any of your new hire tasks, check out how to complete new hire tasks.

Navigating Back to Your Task List

  • If you navigate away from the list of tasks and need to get back, click on "My Applications" in the top left.
  • Click on the percentage bar under "% Complete".


For more help navigating the applicant portal, check out the tutorial video for navigating the applicant portal.

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