User Account Management

Managing users is a vital part of an administrator's duties. Your talentReef account makes it easy to view, create, and edit users. Within this article, you can see how to:

Accessing User Account Management

To access the User Account Management pages:
  • select “Admin” under the “Jump To” menu
  • find the User Account Management card
  • click “Configure”


View and Search User Accounts

The list of user accounts provides a view of the active list of user accounts.  This list can be searched by the information presented on the page (First Name, Last Name, Email Address and User Description/Title).  


Creating a New User

To create a user, you can either "Add" a new user or "Clone" an existing user.  When creating a user, you can define and edit the following:
  • The username for the person
  • The contact information of the person (e.g. first/last name, email address, etc.)
  • The user’s roles or permissions in the system
  • The locations/departments this user has access to
Check out this FAQ for help creating a new user

Editing an Existing User

To edit an existing user, view the list of user accounts and select the "Edit" action.


Setting and Resetting a User’s Password

By clicking "Reset Password", the user will receive an email with a link to establish their new password.

NOTE: this option only exists when the user has an active user name. If the username is disabled, this option will not be available.



Deactivating Users

Users can be deactivated (meaning they can no longer log into the system) via two methods:

1) via the user account list page 
2) via the user account edit page

The user account page allows you to deactivate an entire user or an individual username.  A user will only have one username unless they use both single sign-on and a traditional authentication process.


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