Creating a Job Posting

There are 5 easy steps to creating a new job posting. Check out how to create a job posting from start to finish, including helpful suggestions to increase applicant flow.

To create new postings at your location(s), start on the dashboard or click "Postings" under the "Jump to" menu in the upper left corner of your account. From either page, choose “Hourly Posting” from the "New" drop down menu in the upper right corner. 

*Please note the red dot (
) indicates a required field.


Step 1: Select Position

  • Position: Choose your Position by clicking on the drop down list.
  • Select the location(s) associated to the posting: Use the > arrow to move the location to the box on the right.
  • Click “Next”.


Step 2: Job Configuration

  • Job Posting Start Date: This should be the date you are creating the job posting.
  • Job Posting End Date: This is a reference date (for you as the Manager). This end date does not close the posting. talentReef’s recommendation is that you enter one year from the start date (i.e. if your start date is 4/1/2015, your end date would be 4/1/2016).
  • Job Location Zip/Postal Code: Always make sure your zip code is correct. If it is not, please contact customer support to make the correction in your portal. The zip code should auto-populate for you. If you have multiple locations selected, zip code may appear blank.
  • Lookout Radius: This radius setting will determine how far this posting will reach. It calculates from the center of the radius of the zip code listed — to the center of the radius of the applicant searching. (If you chose 25 miles and the applicant lives 26 miles away, the applicant will not be able to apply to this posting as they are not meeting the distance to the job requirement.) It is recommended that you choose a lookout radius of more than 10 miles.
  • # of Openings: If you plan on having a particular position posted to leave open for an extended amount of time, often referred to as an “evergreen” posting, the # of openings is irrelevant to the number of individuals you can hire. We recommend using “1” for the # of openings.
  • # of Total Applicants: This number will determine how many applicants will be able to apply to this posting. Once you receive the number of applicants specified, no other applicants will see this posting as it will be “full”. If this posting has been in the system for more than six months, you may want to create a new posting and close the original (you can transfer the good candidates to the new posting prior to closing/releasing all others). It is recommended that you set this to the maximum number of applicants (5000)
  • Posting Visibility: 
    • ​Internal/External: Anyone can apply. Both internal employees and external applicants. 
    • Internal Only: Only employees that currently work for you can apply. 
    • Internal First then External After: Internal only at first, but after the number of days selected (transition field), it will be open to external applicants. 
  • Posting Type: 
    • New Headcount: You are adding new members to an expanding team. 
    • Backfill: You are replacing someone who was in this position. 
    • Evergreen: This is a position you are constantly hiring for. This is the recommended default setting. 
  • Click “Next”.  


Step 3: Job Schedule

  • Position Status: Click on the radio button to choose Full Time, Part Time or Temporary/Seasonal. You may only select one option; if you would like your postings to have several options, you will want to create additional postings.
  • Work Days: You may select specific days or click on “All” which will choose all days and holidays. If you do select “All” and the applicant only chose specific days, keep in mind this field may score them lower.
  • Shift Hours: Will reflect which shift you are hiring for. You may choose all three if you just want to create one posting, or you may do separate postings; one for each shift.
  • Work A Changing Schedule: If you choose “Required”, the applicant must choose “Yes” to working a changing schedule in their talentReef to be able to see the posting. If they choose “No” or “Occasionally”, then that would eliminate this location from their options.


Step 4: Job Requirements

  • Maximum Compensation: Choose your hourly or yearly rate. This rate is not shown to the applicant, but is used in determining their Pre-Q score ranking.
  • 18 Years Old or Older: If you choose “Required” to this option, the applicant must choose they are 18 years old in their talentReef profile to see the posting. If you choose Preferred, and they are not 18, it will reflect a lower score in their PreQ.
  • Reliable Transportation: Same logic as age question (18 years or older) above.
  • Minimum Education: The applicant must meet the set requirements for education. For instance if you set this to ‘High School Diploma or GED’ the applicant must select that they have a High School Diploma or GED to apply to the position.
  • Click “Next”.

(OPTIONAL Step 5: Job Description)

If you have the "Edit Hourly Job Description" permission enabled, you will see an additional step when creating a new hourly job posting called "Job Description". 

With this permission, you can review the default job description and add any additional text (such as a high hourly rate or unique work details like 'sub-zero temperature work', must lift 100+lbs, etc.) to either the top, the bottom, or both the top and bottom of the job description.


Step 5: Job Review

  • Review the posting you created. If you need to go back and make a correction, click on the section at the top. If all looks correct, click “Submit Job Posting”.
  • Your job posting will automatically appear on job boards on the start date you selected.

If you wish to edit or close your job posting, check out the articles to find step-by-step instructions for editing an existing job posting or closing a job posting



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