Viewing E-verify Results

​​Navigating to E-Verify Management 

If you would like to view case results for E-Verify, you will want to navigate to E-Verify Management. This can be done by following these steps: 
  • In the "Jump-To" menu, click "Hire" 
  • Select "E-Verify Management".
NOTE: If you do not see "E-Verify Management", please contact your HR/Admin for help. 

​​Viewing Case Results

The initial result will appear right away under the "EV" (E-Verify) column.

  • Blank Box or N/A
    • The case has not been submitted. 
  • Green Check Mark
    • This indicates the case has been submitted and closed, regardless of the case result. 
  • Clock Icon
    • This indicates the case has been submitted and is either: 
      • ​in process; or 
      • has reached a final status and should be closed. 

Locating Case Details

  • Select the applicant’s name to open the Applicant Details page.
  • On the right side, click "E‐Verify".
  • The case result will display at the top of the new window.


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