Submitting an E-Verify Case

Once you have completed section one and two of a new hire's I-9 form, you will be able to process an E-Verify case. Learn the steps of submitting an E-Verify case below. After submitting a case and receiving case results, you'll close the case


To start the process, navigate to the "Jump To" menu, then the green "Hire" button, then click "Onboarding".

Submitting a Case 

  • Click near the new employee's name to open the employee details.
  • Select  "E­Verify" in the "Things You Can Do" menu.


  • The first screen displayed will show information from the employee's I-9. To ensure a smooth E-Verify process, confirm all of the information on the screen is accurate for your new hire. 
  • Click "Submit".

  • If all information is confirmed with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, you will immediately receive the "Employment Authorized Result" displayed at the top of the screen. 

If you do not receive the "Employment Authorized" result, take a look at other case results and what they mean, or give us a call at customer service for further assistance.



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